The Pain of the Foundation Stone

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

              During the last several weeks and up until this very moment, Israel — both the Jewish people and the Land — are mourning great loss and stand in grave peril. Perhaps never, since the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War, have Jews in Israel and throughout the Diaspora been so united. We are all feeling her pain—our pain—as Jews and Philo-Semites world round. Adding ethical and spiritual insult to our physical loss and  injury, the UN and many world governments would like to see Israel really suffer this time at the hands of the Ishmaelites, if not be roundly defeated in humiliating shame, God forbid.

All of us, especially those in Israel who are enduring the screeching sirens and the unending terror missile attacks, want to add our prayers to all of those of Klal Yisrael. We want our cries and pleadings to ascend to the highest heights of Divine Consciousness and rip asunder the partition that prevents our collective cry from being heard by the higher-dimensional Heavens. The Adamic Jewish heart of MbY—the oversoul of Klal Yisrael—is pierced and bleeding. We desperately desire—and deserve—to have our prayers answered and actualized. Moreover, the Holy One deeply desires that our prayers be fully answered. “More than the calf desires to suckle, the mother cow needs to nurse” — because of the visceral pain she will be in if she cannot.

How does one engage in petitionary prayer? What is prayer? Can we really get it to work or will it simply remain wishful religiosity and spiritual dogma? The Sages teach, “Why do people pray yet they are not answered? Because they do not know how to pray with the name-formulas”. In other words, our prayers are not being sufficiently directed to the specific requisite coordinates in the higher-dimensional matrix.  The name-formula in this case is Peniel — the Face-Presence of God — a specific aspect of the higher-dimensional Body of Adam. This is our micro anatomical pineal gland and the macro geographical Foundation Stone of the world.

For those familiar with the chapters and exercises (Both in Beyond Kabbalah and in The Jerusalem Stone of Consciousness) explaining Toroidal Prayer and applying the P2P formula, prayer is a real mechanism that can produce real results. In fact, it is hard-wired into creation.  We only need to rediscover the coordinate to our prayer center—personal and collective. The meta-center of Jewish prayer and consciousness—as well as the center of global consciousness—is the Foundation Stone on the Temple Mount—currently imprisoned by a deceptively attractive golden dome. Imagine, just now, if all the grief, fear, terror, pain and righteous anger of thousands and even tens of thousands of Jews and Noahides were directed to and through the Foundation Stone. Imagine, just now, all of Israel’s suffering consolidated and concretized into that Rock, so intensely that, like a pin-pointed nuclear laser beam, it can melt it, crack it open and release the Messianic Light that is buried within. This is the beginning of the prophesy that Mayim Chayim—the Living Liquid—will emerge and flood the world with Divine consciousness which will eradicate all evil and fortify the good.

The Foundation Stone is alive with Adamic messianic consciousness. It is a portal to the higher-dimensional Messianic Era that only need be pried opened. From this perspective, the Rock itself—the uppermost elevation of Mt. Moriah— is simply a plug to be pulled open to release the conquering love of the seventy rays of Messianic Light in order to remove the klipah from the Seventy Nations and transform them back into the luminous aura emanating out of the higher-dimensional body of Adam and Chava. Now, when we have been brought together through the existential threat of our common enemy, we have the collective strength and determination to do this.

Over the last two millennia, through endless prayers and petitions, the stones of the Kotel have collected millions of Jewish tears. If the Western Wall is the heart-center of Klal Yisrael, then the Even Shetiyah—The Foundation Stone—is our collective center of consciousness. By activating with our prayers together—the Kotel at the base of the higher-dimensional head of the Adamic Messiah and the Foundation Stone’s pineal organ in the middle of the cosmic Brain—we can release the spiritual parallel to the military power of the Iron Dome. Ironically, hidden within the Golden Dome is our ironclad secret, the ultimate higher-dimensional weapon, the Foundation Stone.

It is precisely here, between the Foundation Rock and a sacred Hard Place, where we can unleash the most powerful weapon, for us to use both defensively and offensively, in all of creation. We only have to activate it with the most powerful fuel in the world. What is that fuel? With our consciously directed grief, fear, terror, pain and righteous anger. These are the cries and tears of MbY, the Suffering Servant and the Soul of Israel. The current events have made this Adamic fuel available now as never before. We only have to direct it, like a pineal laser beam. Remember, the name of the game is the Foundation Stone. The entire Arab/Muslim—Israeli/Jewish intractable matzav is about who has control of the Temple Mount, i.e. who controls the Foundation Stone. Everything else is a technicality. “Through the Foundation Stone all prayers descend from above and ascend from below”. Now, as never before—our pain is its pain, the pain of MbY, the pain of Klal Yisrael and the pain of the Foundation Stone.


  1. Yes, the germs of psychological evil are abundant now. The actual worldwide crisis of our system is obvious, no doubt. We live in a predatory and unbalanced environment of cosmic Proportion (although some parts of beauty, harmony and symbiosis are still visible to the human eye and mind). It is part of the evil that no justice is a right in this local world (universe?) – not even justice to be allowed to live in peace.
    All ancient cultures were aware of it by sheer weight of evidence: the evil on planet earth must be from a non human source. Strife is older than mankind! How can we get out of this global nightmare? Maybe Rabbi Bakst is right. The only promising way to confront the power of evil is done by praying and meditating. Humans alone cannot deal with all that cosmic waste or cosmic fallout properly, not yet. We urgently need some support and guidance from higher forces. According to Rabbi Bakst, if we can do the appropriate connection (Question: is there only one foundation stone present here on Earth?) the higher forces might intervene. Without help from more advanced stages of evolution we would have no hope of ultimate justice.

    But if we humans want to fight against the evil powers we will meet some paradoxical obstacles

    Here on Earth no creature acquires any right he cannot maintain by force. Pacifism in such a predatory and aggressive system is a fallacy of unrealistic thinking. Justice and peace on our level of nature is not possible without unremitting struggle. We cannot ensure justice except through unceasing vigilance and the ability to protect such justices. Unfortunately some ancient sources tell us quite clearly: Fighting the evil forces directly with sheer power will make those evil forces even stronger.

    (B) Divine law has something to say about fighting: You should not kill. Love and peace are the basic powers of our universe. Do no harm to fellow creatures, life is precious, don’t destroy it. The righteous person is one who follows the rights laws of universal nature and will be an instrument of justice, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Those good human beings are never oppressors, the don’t use excessive physical means to fight (i.e. weapons) but they never give up in front of evil, even if at the cost of their lives. Unfortunately our history gives clearly evidence that this kind of good humans is quite a rare exception.

    Qashe question:

    Can a peaceful warrior win against the denying powers of evil?

    Possible answer: Yes is older then no.

    Trust the process!


    • Regarding other sacred “rocks” around the world, in my book The Jerusalem Stone of Consciousness – DMT, Kabbalah & the Pineal Gland, on page 63, I write,
      As the pineal body—the personal Foundation Stone of consciousness—is to every cell in the human body, so is the geographical, spiritual history and location of Jerusalem’s Foundation Stone to the world and all humanity. The Torah not only maintains that there are numerous holy places, sacred vortices and energy centers located all around the globe, but all the sacred “stones” (e.g., Stonehenge), “rocks” (e.g., the various pyramids) and cities (e.g., Machu Picchu) are rooted and emanating out of Jerusalem! Moreover, just as a pineal gland is useless without the rest of the body, Jerusalem cannot be complete without every single one of these geographical and historical locations reuniting with her.

      As for the “Peaceful Warrior” – HaShem manifested creation in a ratio of 51% of hasadim (good)to 49% of gevurot (roots of evil), so in the end, reality is programed for the “good guy”, the “Peaceful Warrior”, to win – but we must call true evil, the evil virus that it is.

  2. Yasher Koach Yoel on this very powerful and needed teaching.

    May our prayers blind our enemies with light!

    From the Beautiful Land of Israel

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