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This blog is intended for participants in the live classes (and for those subscribing to the recordings) from the ongoing Wednesday night class. Here I will add additional notes and observations as I teach. Here also you can add your own insights and questions on the material.


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  1. You Wednesday lectures are very mind boggling. Yes, there is much evidence around that our 3-D world is not a fun place to be. The Torah-based kabbalistic point of view is impressive and convincing. After the prolapse of four dimensional reality we were taken over by an egoic mind (infested by a virus) and sucked into the polarity of bad and good. Since we left Gan Eden we had a history of extraordinary suffering here on planet Earth. How to get out of this insane and chaotic state of affairs? The purpose of our personal life seems to be making Tikkun as soon as possible .
    Question: Can we still express external goals in 3-D with the art of surrendering to Adamic Consciousness, i.e. by achieving Bitul Hayesh, or pixilating out of the 3-D matrix? Can we look through the eyes of the Messiah still in this life time?

    • Absolutely. In fact, that is our mission and tikkun – to become the very eyes of Adam, ie his thoughts, speech and actions so that he cannot complete his tikkun.

      • I do have faith that Cosmic Adam can complete his tikkun. Yes is older then no.

        • Cosmic Adam has faith in US that we will complete our mission!

  2. Yes, these are some questions that need to be asked before any question can be asked about the meaning of life. What is the deepest meaning of the miscalculation of cosmic Adam?
    What in fact constitutes the “fall” of Adam? From where did he fall and to where exactly?
    The answers to these questions given by the teachings that cannot be taught are extraordinary bad news:
    (1) After the fall Adam became mortal, whereas according to the Torah he had until then been immortal.
    (2) What fallen Adamic Man takes for his self is a pseudo self. He regards his Ego as his real “I” when in fact it is only a subtle instrument of his higher self, probably a retarded one.
    (3) Adamic Man fell into a faint. He intoxicated himself with desires and lifeless klippoth.
    (4) What he thinks is clear consciousness is really nothing but a dangerous form of sleep.
    (5) The ecology of fallen Adam’s 3-D-world is distorted and unbalanced, far away from the harmonies of a higher reality.

    How was Adam able to come to this kind of life? What is the meaning of life here on Earth? Rabbi Bakst thinks that the last refuge of true consciousness, Zion, has some very good answers. But what about the billions of people outside of Zion who are lost in a nightmare dream and are attached to a retarded life force.? How can you expect to get an answer about the real state of affairs, if you are asleep and if you are unable to see the Big Picture? Before getting real answers we must first ask another practical question: How to wake up? I understand the teachings of the City of Luz as a wake up call! Thank you!

    • In “advanced Kabbalah” (as taught in the City of Luz) there are resolutions to all these questions and obvious concerns. Being, however, that reality is fractaled (and not fractured), these resolutions, upon greater magnification, reveal more questions which, in turn, reveal deeper resolutions. This is the way of Torah consciousness. Wake up call? What can one do unless one is a teacher or writer? And even then the audience that one reaches is limited. The answer? “Let go and let Adam”. By aligning ourselves as much as possible with the Cosmic Adam, we provide the “docking station” for the “landing” to take place, ie the true Messianic Era, etc. Also, by being a frequent visitor to the inner Luz and turning on one’s pineal gland, etc. we are waking up Ohr-Peniel – the angelic field in charge of the inner temple of the Gate of Heaven – the vortex back to higher dimensional Gan Eden.

      • I understand. The call to wake up Ohr Peniel cannot be heard by the majority of humans. Obviously only the one who has a certain degree of spiritual insight and assistance by a congenial teacher can get something precious out of the world of symbolic thoughts. And all spiritual traditions tell you quite unmistakeably: it is an offense to take the spirit to the market place. If the kabbalistic world of symbolic thoughts does reflect the fractality of our reality it must (as you said) radiate different levels of meaning and resolutions. And you are right, the teaching that cannot be taught reveal ever more questions and deeper resolutions. I think one can reach only those levels and resolutions which are in resonance with one’s inner feelings. How dexterously we use words to explain the meaning of life, we will find it as much a mystery as ever. Indeed, Torah consciousness demands careful treatment, a deeply respectful attitude, and careful consideration.

  3. Does modern man still carry the responsibility for the original miscalculation of Adamic man – and if so, by what right should this be so? The teachings that cannot be taught tell us quite frankly, that the relation of cosmic Adam after the fall to the cosmic being he had been previously is analogous to the relation that exists between a madman and a man he was before he lost his reason. The original failure seems to be a kind of forgetting – cosmic Adam forgot his divinity. Under the pressure of the klippoth and exterior impressions of a prolapsed reality he obviously lost consciousness of his real Self. Can 3-D-Adam get rid of the virus (the fallout or residue of a forbidden realm) by his own willing, or is his return to the garden of Eden only possible by divine grace and assistance of some higher forces? And if assistance by higher sources is given, how can we become aware of the efforts of the unfallen part of cosmic Adam to contact and help us (deciphering the messages from above (4-D) is a real problem, see “messianic” movie Interstellar)?

    • We are all responsible now because we ARE the very extensions of Adam, etc. With Torah consciousness, the difference is that at least we know we are 3D mad! and have, in fact, a plan and a map to get 4D sanity back and take the whole fallen 3D world with us. Returning all our 3D back into Adamic 4D can only be done through HaShem and His agents – we are the agents ! the Adamic extensions, but He needs our “arousal from below” through our thoughts, words and actions.Teh cosmos inc the Divine realm is a giant battery. It needs negative and positive terminals.

  4. The ongoing and amazing Wednesday talks about Nothing and No-Thingness are mind-blowing. Of course, a discursive mind will have some problems to understand the basics of nothing. But the math of it is precise and not refutable. Any 4-dimensional volume of a 3-D-body is zero. And our whole 3-D-universe has zero volume when looked at from a 4-D-perspective (Atzilut-perspective). We are actually nothing. But from our 3-D-point of view nothing should matter. We may further conclude that no-thingness is indeed a different thing than nothing, or not? No-thingness seems to be associated with a higher dimensional mode of being (Adam in Gan Eden / Olam Ha Ba). What exactly is the difference between nothing and no-thingness?

    • As I explained in this last week’s class, the everyday usage of 3D word “nothing” is the backside to the 4D atzilutic No-thing or No-thing-ness.

    • The math is interesting. A 3d structure has no ‘length’ in the 4th dimension. It is, so to speak, a hair’s breadth. 4d compared to 3d has infinitely more ‘length’ in the 4th dimension. It could be compared to a huge mountain, albeit one infinitely bigger. There are also fractal dimension, aka fractional dimensions which are non-integers. The nearly space-filling structure of the human lung is an example of a 2d sheet formed into a 3d structure. The ‘edge’ of the mandelbrot set also has a fractional dimension.

      4-dimensional ‘4volume’ is to 3d volume what 3d volume is to area, and what area is to length.

      • Modern physicists and kabbalists are both sure that higher dimensions exist, of course with different degrees of insights. Unfortunately any higher or parallel dimension is outside our range of direct perception. So what is going on in those higher dimensions, what kind of hyperdimensional processes are projecting their effects into 3-D? The quite sophisticated higher dimensional models of physicists and mathematicians don’t tell us anything about spiritual matters and higher beings, they can’t do that, because their methodology is restricted by a method of inquiry which is commonly based on empirical or measurable evidence and logical reasoning only, dismissing any subjective and extraordinary inner experiences. But open minded kabbalists are less restricted. By prayers, spiritual practice and via altered states of consciousness they might get some glimpses of a higher and more profound reality, no doubt. And nowadays they can use models of modern science to support their spiritual theories. So let me quote some lines of thought by the late mathematician Dr. Charles Muses which combines mathematics with spiritual insights.

        Begin of quote:
        Love can always be contradicted by freedom to deny love. However misconceived or abused that freedom may be. But in the higher dimensional context love is infinitely greater, and has unlimited potential to outwait any abuse of freedom however long in linear time the righting of those erros may take. Love’s higher dimensionality guarantees its ultimate victory. Time is love’s ally. Love becomes finally the source of the infinite renewal of freedom.
        End of quote


  5. Thank you very much for the inspiring Wednesday lectures and talks of your class. In the Rosch Haschana session you revealed some deep going thoughts about the problem of the theodicy. You gave a mind boggling solution to it by relying on kabbalistic wisdom and scholarship. As I understand you human suffering does make sense from a universal perspective. Are you telling us that pain is wisdom gift wrapped? From a human point of view suffering doesn’t make sense at all ! We have the freedom of choice (to a certain extent) and there is no inherent need for either agression or suffering. Cruelities are invoked by a choice though their consequences may entrain the innocent.
    So obviously the kabbalistic solution goes beyond human understanding. Of course, we might feel impressed by the picture: Suffering builds up strong walls for a container which finally can be filled with divine light, so that the breaking of the vessels is reversed. But it is difficult to accept that pain is like a comedy, helping us to remember our divine origin and revealing wisdom urgently needed to get us home. Although many ancient spiritual sources followed similar lines of thought and tell you quite frankly: Those times you hate very much the divinity within might be finding very interesting.
    So we humans are fearful of looking “atziluthly”, we defend against direct four dimensional experience with ego and by creating time, and that obviously includes suffering. Understanding the teachings that cannot be taught is really difficult. To me the kabbalistic grasp of meaning is unspeakable. 1 / 1000.

    Did G-d (Adam Kadmon) invent joy by forgetting?

  6. MBY seems to be a combo off guard combining chachmah =73 with yesod =80 =153 together =1-17 =153 17 = the name in daat EHVH =17 . So daat is yesod with chachmah . The trouble is samael and lilit the archangels of edom and yishmael , the ramchal says theyll fall in the last war he calls the great war . Armilius is the angel of the mixed multitude erev rav =477 = daat plus the 3 letters of the word . Rabbi yaakocv abuchatzeira says the erev rav are the rah from the tree of knowledge . Samael is the rah and metatron is the tov. The 45th name of 72 is saal roshei teivot sucah etrog lulav or sdamael armilius lilit . 45 of course = the shem mah of yetzirah and is the gematria of adam =45. saal =91 =26 +65 = Pei =91 in the kavanot of the 145th psalm the ashrei prayer. The 70 th name of 72 is ybm which is the din of mby see psalm 110 , 70 of course = gogumagog . the 65th name in the name of 72 is dmb = mbd , 65 of course = ADNY . Together 70 +65 = 72 + 63 tikkun of the higher worlds atzilut and briah sg =63 briah 72 av= atzilut. The 7 wisdoms to be learnt is a big challenge for all of us in the messianic process those who converge these wisdoms with torah are doing the zivug of the tree of knowledge mby with the tree of life mbd .

  7. I have a few questions about Passover.

    1. If taking Israel out of Egypt was done based on the promise that HaShem
    made to Avraham, then why did HaShem have to make a deal with the yetzer
    hara, when HaShem took Israel out of Egypt?

    2. Why should the issue of merit even matter, if the contract was initially
    made with Avraham, without mention of Israel’s merit (within that contract)?

    3. If HaShem would not have so quickly taken Israel out of Egypt, then
    Israel, and all of creation including the yetzer hara would have died, going
    back into tohu. So why did HaShem make the deal with the yetzer hara, and a
    yet a deal which empowered the yetzer hara? Why not just save creation and
    bring us back into Atzilut? Forget the yetzer hara!

    4. In terms of the ripping of the Yam Suf, since HaShem made this deal He
    made a rip in the fabric of creation, in order to avoid the death of all
    creation, including the death of the yetzer hara. Why did he spare and even
    favor the yetzer hara? HaShem made no initial contract with the yetzer hara
    at the time that he made the contract with Avraham, or did He?

    • As I explained in class, if you simply substitute hasadim and gevurot (See the seven lessons on HuG in Beyond Kabblalah) in place of “good” and “bad” inclination (yetzer hara), most of the answers to these questions will become self evident.

  8. Where would you put Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut
    on Festival Man? I know they are recent observances here in
    Israel but are holographically connected to the other festivals.
    Tish B”av for Yom Hazikaron?

    • Rita, Israel was established as a secular state, and both these days are iterations of special days that have been established by the Nations. For example, in terms of Yom Ha’atzmaut, there is Independence Day for the USA which is July 4th, and July 1st is known as Canada Day.
      In terms of Yom Hazikaron, the USA has Memorial Day set aside for their fallen soldiers, and the Commonwealth Countries observe Remembrance Day.

      Israel’s ruling regime is made up of the erev rav. They are Jewish in name only. Their allegiance is to the Oslo Piece Plan, the construction freezes, the bull-dozing of communities,the release of terrorists. They need to be removed and replaced by a Torah observant government. Ever year we say “Never Again” – when events of this reality clearly show otherwise.

      • Rachel, thank you for your reply. I do agree in part to what you are saying about these days being iterations from the goyim nations. I also agree and have studied about the Erev Rav and the secular government. I don’t agree that it is all bad. I wouldn’t like to live under the religious leaders here anymore than the secular leaders. They are at least corrupt as the secular leaders. There are also a few good people in the modern government. When you live in Israel and see that many religious families (we are also religious) won’t hang
        an Israeli flag on memorial day and Yom Ha’atmaut it means something different. It is very provacative and hurtful and wrong. We all live here in a modern state that is our ancient homeland. Do we not also honor all of the pain and loss of modern times?
        Our neigbor’s sons are officiers who check fields for bombs. We hang flags all over our house.
        There really was a day of independence in 1948
        I don’t believe these days should be seen from the perspective you are bringing up. Yes, through Torah eyes but not in a way that puts down all things modern. My question is
        could Yom Hazicharon be an iteration of Tish b’av?
        All of the Jewish lives lost? It is important to have these
        modern days of observance be respected by all who live here.

        Shabbat Shalom,

        • Armilus seeks to divide the MbY and MbD, and unite Eisav and Yishmael against Israel. The Erev Rav and Erev Zeir are the real extremists, with the actual moderates being in the middle. The hesder yeshivot and several other movements work in this middle ground.

          • This is absolutely true.

          • I have an other model for bitul yesh. In Halakha, if one drop of chicken soup falls in a container of milk, the ratio for bitul is 60/1.

            The Buckminsterfullerene molecule (it has a wikipedia page) has 60 carbon atoms. Perhaps we can picture one atom of yesh surrounded by 60 atoms of ayin using the as a model. Is this idea correct?

      • I noticed that you misspelled the word ‘Every” as “Ever” which makes it a permutation of the word “erev” as in “erev rav”. It may be a “slip” and a message coming from the subconscious or the “other side”.

      • Another thought occurred to me:
        Could it be that Yom Ha’atzmaut is a fractal for the birth of Adam, while Yom Hazikaron is reflective of Adam after his fall, resulting in the great prolapse, when death set in?

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