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 $40 USD for each six 1 hour classes
$55 USD for each six 1 1/2 hour classes
$55 USD for each four 2 hour classes
$15/seminar (each part)

To place your order and determine its cost, you must first email
the City of Luz Media Manager at
with the names of the course(s) and/or seminar(s) you
wish to purchase.  You will receive a response within 72 hours.
Discounts are offered for larger orders.

Prices for courses that have more or less than six 1 hour classes,
six 1 ½ hour classes, or four 2 hour classes are prorated accordingly.
Length of classes may vary somewhat.

 All payments must be made via PayPal
(unless other arrangements are made personally with Rabbi Bakst)
in *US dollars*.
The total cost of your order must be entered manually in PayPal
in the “Price per item” box underneath “City of Luz Products.”

Upon confirmation of payment received,
recordings, as well as any associated graphics,
are sent for immediate download via Hightail
(a website that allows you to send large files via email).
Links remain active for 90 days from the date sent.

Also available is the MP3 recording of a brief overview of
The Pineal Gland, DMT and the Lost City Of Luz
which was sponsored by Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok /
and aired 6/1/2014 as a special webinar.
This recording is $10 and may be purchased through PayPal.
Scroll down to the Buy Now button and click on it to order.
The recording will be sent to you upon receipt of payment within 24 hours via Hightail.


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