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Torah scroll (1)Classes are currently offered Wednesday Nights to participants world wide on the Internet through our virtual classroom 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM MT (9:00 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)

All classes, unless indicated, are open to everyone - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.


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Classes are currently offered
Wednesday Nights
to participants world-wide
on the Internet through our virtual classroom

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Mountain Time

(9:00 PM to 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)

All classes, unless indicated,
are open to everyone -
beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.


You can pay directly through a PayPal account or with a Credit Card or a PayPal eCheck also through PayPal which is free, safe and easy.


Current Class Schedule for Wednesday Night:

The Adamic Messiah: Upfront and Personal

(For Intermediate to Advanced)
Course Commenced August 2015

(Together with the weekly Parasha)

Featuring the Leshem’s
Exposition on the Tree of Knowledge

Internet Data Meets the Tree of Da'at.

As known, the prophesized Messiah, both on a personal and collective level, is none other than the original higher-dimensional, androgynous Adam. Likewise, the Messianic Era that is concurrently ushered in is none other than the completion of the cosmic story that begins in the original, higher-dimensional Gan Eden.  As we are now nearing the end of the sixth cosmic day of creation (“Friday”) , it is axiomatic that the complete Adamic Messiah must return and fully reveal him/her/themselves to enable all reality to quantum-jump into the Great Shabbat — Olam HaBah. It is very counter-intuitive (i.e., looking at 4D only through 3D eyes), but the Torah informs us that Adam’s higher dimensional reality, although appearing to us as the ancient, “past”, events of Genesis, is actually Adam’s very present— right here, right now. Consequently, current cosmo-geopolitical events, as well as the personal transformations many of us are experiencing, are exact mathematical iterations of what is occurring right here, right now in the higher-dimensional, parallel universe of the Adamic Gan Eden. In order to prepare for the Messianic “future”, we must first return to the map and script of the events and formulations occurring within Gan Eden.  Adam, Chava and the Nachash their A.I. servant, the techno-serpent — now, what were they all thinking!? Most importantly, what are they thinking right here, right now?

The Light of Mashiach is expanding all around us (along with the klipot of evil incarnate). It is now possible to utilize this Hidden Light – the Ohr Ganuz — to help open our own consciousness to begin to see that we literally are the self-same, higher-dimensional Adam – every single one of us. By embracing and understanding the details of this truth, we can help the macro Adam complete — literally through our own micro selves — the process of his cosmic tikun. I will be reading from R’ Shlomo Eliyashiv’s (leading expositor of the Kabbalah of the Ari and the Gaon of Vilna) Exposition on the Tree of Knowledge. This unparalleled treatise is a detailed overview of everything in Genesis that occurred from the beginning of the creation of Adam until his paradigmatic dimensional collapse. Additionally, I will also be using sections and graphics from my book, Beyond Kabbalah, as well as chapters 2 and 3 from Volume II of The Secret Doctrine of the Gaon of Vilna.  With this da'at-data we can all begin to develop a very personal relationship with both the “future” Messiah and with “ancient” Adam, who are, in fact, one in the same. This is the Adamic Messiah: Upfront and Personal.

A portion of each Wednesday session will be devoted to the weekly Torah reading or to the current festival being observed.

Torah Portion of the Week*

From Adam to Noah to Abraham to Moses - Now, what did they think they were doing?! Drawing upon the Talmud, Midrash, Zohar, Lurianic Kabbalah and the Kabbalah School of the Gaon of Vilna, we will analyze the Biblical text-code for clues to the hidden map and mystery of Jewish history and the purpose of creation.

*Previously, a separate course.


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Beyond Kabbalah

This weekly on-line class presents all-level students of traditional Jewish Kabbalah with comprehensive, hands-on applications of the maps, models, and methods found within the workbook Beyond Kabbalah - The Teaching That Cannot Be Taught. Through the study of the concepts and thought experiments explored in the book Beyond Kabbalah, the serious seeker can learn to experience life through the eyes of Torah based Kabbalah and experience a world filled with higher consciousness, deep, spiritual experience and answers to conventionally unanswerable questions. Explore the secret of “What did Moses know that God did not know?” and learn how to “See your world in your lifetime.” Other topics covered in the weekly coursework include: Where does our present reality come from, and where is it going?, Space, Time & Beyond, Torah Cosmology, Mosaic Consciousness, and much more!

This class provides a life-changing introduction and overview into the ancient, yet futuristic, wisdom of Jewish esoteric thinking, the ultimate key to personal and global transformation.

Class discussions correspond to weekly readings. Students must have the workbook Beyond Kabbalah-The Teaching That Cannot Be Taught. To view and purchase the workbook click here:


Jerusalem Stone of Consciousness:
DMT, Kabbalah, and the Pineal Gland

There is information coming forth from the cutting edge of the brain and mind sciences about a mysterious little organ in the middle of brain known as the pineal gland and an enigmatic substance produced within every human body called DMT. The light these two phenomena shed upon Judaism's most ancient kabbalistic secret - the Foundation Stone in Jerusalem - is truly revelatory and profoundly timely. This class is an extraordinary journey into the experiential roots of consciousness, both personal and global.


Secrets of the Aggadah & Talmudic Methodology

This course is an interactive, hands-on Hebrew/English textual study of the Talmud. Talmud comprises the Mishnah (the digest and codex of the Oral Torah) and the Gemara (the commentary to the Mishnah). The vast content of the Talmud and its methodology are virtually unique throughout the entire spectrum of world literature, ancient legal codes and cultural and mystical traditions. Talmud has been the body and soul, heart and mind of the Jewish Nation for over 1,800 years. Truly, it is the Talmud that is the secret of continued Jewish survival and creativity. This course introduces the profound dialectics primarily of the non-legal sections of the Talmud known as Aggadah (which comprises more than a quarter of the material within the Talmud’s sixty tractates). In this course we will be intimately exposed to the minds of the Talmudic Sage-Mystics and especially that of the "Sage of all Sages", the second century Rabbi Akiva ben Yoseph. Additionally, many of the most profound secrets of the Kabbalah, specifically for our generation, are concealed within the intricate tapestry of Talmudic Aggadah. Overviews, methodology and the history of the Talmud will be part of the curriculum.


The Secret Doctrine of the Gaon of Vilna
Mashiach ben Yoseph
& the Messianic Role of
Torah, Kabbalah and Science

 Judaism's Hidden Teachings of the Twin Messiahs

Twenty years in preparation and the first of its kind: A cutting edge course expounding upon one of the most concealed and controversial documents in modern Jewish history, the 18th century Gaon of Vilna's Kol HaTor – Call of the Turtledove. This obscure mystical text is now translated into English and explained for the first time with my extensive introductions and notes culled from hundreds of authoritative rabbinical and kabbalistic sources. This previously hidden text is a virtual hands-on manual that will reveal everything we need to know about the secret of the Twin Messiahs, the Messianic Era and beyond and what you can do now to protect and prepare yourself for the inevitable future – the future which has already begun.

Mashiach ben Yoseph
and the Twin Messiahs

But They Did Not Recognize Him * The Split Messiah *
A Crack in the Foundation * The Twin Messiahs *
Among Us in Every Generation * Formula 999 *
Moses and the Two Messiahs *
In Its Due Time I Will Accelerate It


Two Jews' Blues
The Gaon of Vilna's Secret of Sasson and Simcha

The Talmud relates that once there were two Jewish heretics, one was named Sasson (joy) and the other was named Simcha (happiness). “Sasson once said to Simcha...”

There were secrets of the Torah that the Gaon would not reveal to any of his disciples. The secret of the "Sasson and Simcha", was one of these. Concerning this passage we heard from his holy mouth that one of the earlier masters fasted numerous fasts in order to be worthy of having the mystery of this passage revealed to him from above. His request was not granted. Our holy Rabbi confided to us that the secret of Sasson and Simcha had been revealed to him and that if he had been created only in order to grasp this matter, it would have been sufficient for him...

The Gaon of Vilna (1720-1797) himself taught that in the End Times, along with the divinely orchestrated outpouring of the teachings of the Kabbalah and the unprecedented acceleration of science and technology, the long hidden secrets of Talmudic aggada will also be revealed. This course is the first ever to explore the ancient, secret tradition that is the key to understanding our very unique generation - the secret doctrine of the Two Jew's Blues.


Through the Worm Hole:
The Kabbalah of Cutting Edge Science

This course is a unique commentary on cutting-edge scientific documentaries from the perspective of the ancient and fundamental truths of Torah and Kabbalah. Each week we will review an episode in the Discovery Channel series Through the Worm Hole. These are available to watch for free at We will begin with the first in the series, “Is there a Creator?” Thereafter, each week's episode will be anounced. In affect, this is a crash-course in Kabbalah 101 all the way through Kabbalah 999! Much of what you learn will be based on the visual images you will have watched before each class.


The Kabbalah of
Modern Movie Metaphors
Cinematography through
the Eyes of the Talmudic Sage-Mystics

Each week a different movie will be discussed and analyzed from a unique Torah/Kabbalah perspective. Specifically, we will look for the maps, models, and metaphors (See the City of Luz Learning Center) that permeate the cinematic medium of our generation. How is the Divine Mind preparing us for the Messianic Era of higher-dimensional consciousness? In part, we are being programmed through the visual imagery, computer animated graphics and models of consciousness that are emerging from Hollywood. The Holy One knows we don’t have the time and ability to learn the secrets of the Torah in time for the Mashiach, so modern movies are His quick induction technique!

The list: The Matrix Trilogy, Contact, Tron 2: Legacy, 2001 - A Space Odyssey, The Adjustment Bureau, Lost Horizon, Pi, Inception, Unlimited

This class is open to all levels; however, anyone attending must have seen the movie/DVD recently or, if watched some time ago, must view it again before that session. This is an interactive class and everyone is invited to share the maps, models, and metaphors they see in the movie. I will then draw our attention to seeing these movies through the eye of the Kabbalah and how we can apply the lessons and insights into our personal and collective lives.


Ecstatic Jewish Prayer

The Agony and Ecstasy of Rabbi Akiva's Martyrdom and
The Transformation of Enochian Flesh Into Four-Dimensional Tongues of Fire


Current Events Affecting Israel
and Jews Around the World & Beyond

This course is dedicated to both the practical halachic observance and kabbalistic significance of everyday prayer, festivals, Shabbat and daily Jewish practice. In particular this class explores the two-sided Sh'ma-nic mystery of the agony and ecstasy of human flesh and the elevation of carnality within the mystical union of Kiddush HaShem (Jewish Martyrdom). Herein lies the secret of the recital of the Sh'ma, the sacrificial holo-caust offering (korban olah), the serpentine bowing movements in the Amida prayer, the fiery transformation of Chanoch's (Enoch) physical body into the meta-archangel Metatron. This is the kabbalistic secret of how to ecstatically “burn up” our own flesh in the mystery of Shalhuvin diRechimu - “Flames of Divine Love”.

The first half hour or so of this class is devoted to Cosmo-Geopolitics - an analysis of world events from the perspective of the Kabbalah that are affecting the destiny of Israel and the growing physical and spiritual threat of antisemitism. We also listen to a current news and analysis net-cast from Israel by historian and journalist Sh’ai ben Tekoa.


How to Think Like a Rabbi & Learn Like a Torah Scholar

 The Transmission of the Oral Torah:
Who, What, Why, Where and When?
"The soul of Moses incarnates into the minds
of Torah scholars in each and every generation."
(The Gaon of Vilna)

This course is an introduction to the Mind of Moses. To become a righteous gentile one must study Torah and its laws and paths to righteousness. To become an ever evolving and conscious Noahide, however, one must additionally know the subtleties of rabbinic thinking and become familiar with the intimidating but extraordinary territory of the rabbinic landscape and perspective.

Do you know the difference between Mishnah and midrash, between the Haggada and aggada, between the Kabbalah and a kabbalah, between Talmud and Talmud Torah, between the Torah and the Haftorah, between the Tosefta and the Tosefot, between pilpel harif (a hot pepper) and pilpul harif (a hot rabbinic discussion)?

Do you know the difference between a question and a kashe/difficulty, between an answer and a resolution, between a law in the Talmud and the same law in the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law)? Do you know what Rabbi Akiva knew about the Torah in his 2nd century academy that Moses, a thousand years earlier on Mt. Sinai, did not know?!

The material in this course is designed to help train the student to become a rabbinically mature Noahide who not only knows his or her way around in the great expanse of the Oral Torah, but can also begin to think like two Jews with three views!


The Lost Legacy of the Josephic Messiah

The Secret Soul Genealogy of Jesus of Nazareth
& the Metatronic Redemption of the Jewish "Christ"

The Original Sources in the Torah, Talmud, and Kabbalah

In this course study, we will present and analyze the original sources for what Yeshu HaNotzri (Jesus of Nazareth) reportedly said and did within his living Hebraic tradition that was already 2,000 years old when he entered history.

Much of what is contained in the Christian Bible (the “New Testament”) has its original sources in the Jewish Bible – the Torah (the “Old Testament”) - and the ancient living tradition of the rabbis and the Jewish sage-mystics.

Were you taught or have you always thought that everything Jesus said was divinely revealed and original? Surprisingly, Jesus was a Jewish mystic and scholar who was teaching traditional and kabbalistic Judaism as all the rabbis of his era and preceding him were doing so!

This is not an anti-missionary or anti-Christianity course and it is not our intention to debate the various interpretations, sects, and denominations of Christianity as to the “true” nature and mission of Jesus of Nazareth. Rather, we are attempting to understand his source material from his Torah and Kabbalah perspective. We will also explore the “secret of secrets”, the virtually unknown spiritual root genealogy of Jesus, his interface with the roles of Mashiach ben Yoseph and a meta-soul connection to Metatron.


Noahides and Nogah.
The Secret Within the Light Body of Adam

The first half hour or so of this class is devoted to Cosmo-Geopolitics - an analysis of world events from the perspective of the Kabbalah that are affecting the destiny of Israel and the growing physical and spiritual threat of antisemitism. We also listen to a current news and analysis netcast from Israel by historian and journalist Sh’ai ben Tekoa.

The second half hour is a study in perhaps the greatest recorded mystical experience in human history – Ezekiel’s prophetic vision of the Merkava – the Divine Chariot. We will be reading from Part II of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan’s Inner Space entitled Meditation and Prophesy. The Merkava is a code word that interfaces with Metatron, the Pardes, the Heichalot literature and the City of Luz. Our specific goal throughout this exploration, however, will be to unravel the mystery of nogah – the radiant glow emanating out of Ezekiel’s Merkava vision and the secret it contains for non-Jews and their direct participation in global redemption and the return to Adam's higher dimensionality.

The second hour of the evening is The Body of Adam: The Role of B'nai Noach in the Garden and the End Times. The theme of this on-going course, which is also netcast live through Noahide Nations, is to explore the emerging and ever-evolving prophetic and kabbalistic role of Noachides, particularly as it relates to interfacing with the Nation of Israel. What really happened in the Garden of Eden?  What was the “serpent”? Who really were Adam and Eve? How could they have sinned ("miscalculated" in Hebrew) and caused such a universal collapse of higher reality?  What did they really think they were doing?! Be prepared to leave behind everything you ever learned in Sunday school or ever saw in medieval art works. Join us for a virtual field trip into the lost dimensionality of humanity’s collective Adamic soul. The new techno-tools of hyperspace, virtual reality, fractal geometry and a holographic perspective will be our “glasses” to re-discover and experience the Hidden Light of the primordial Garden of Eden as detailed and mapped out by the Jewish kabbalists.


 Cosmic Fallout
Fallen Angels, Aliens & the "Sons of God"

For millennia perhaps the most bizarre and controversial episode of the Bible is the appearance in the book of Genesis of the "Sons of God" and their union with the "Daughters of Man". Is this simply ancient mythology, a historical account of alien visitation or a case of spontaneously triggered endogenous DMT? Or do these few verses of the Torah contain a profound secret known only to the Jewish sage-mystics? What does traditional Jewish Kabbalah reveal about this apparent alien encounter and what relevance does it have to us right here right now? Join us for a serpentine ride on the waves of the undulating light of the Ain Sof into the secrets of the primordial worlds of the Tohu, Tikun and Resurrection - along with a strong dose of angelology and demonology. There will also be cameo appearance of Chanoch (Enoch) and his transformation into the meta-angel, Metatron.


Primordial Worlds, Chaos Theory and Fractal Geometry

In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
And the earth was chaotic and fractaled...”

You think you know what the earth and the reality you are standing on is made out of? This Six Week Course will detail the kabbalistic secrets of the Torah regarding the existence of millions of generations and cosmological events that preceded Genesis and the appearance of Adam and Eve and are the very ground upon which our present reality is rooted and branched. The secret teachings of the Worlds of Chaos have direct and profound bearing on our collective as well as our individual lives. The hidden scaffolding of these higher dimensional worlds are the cosmic roots of all good and evil, the ultimate purpose of existence as well as the underlying basis for the legends of Atlantis and other “pre-adamic” civilizations. Although virtually unknown, the Torah teaching of the Primordial Worlds is a fundamental part of traditional Judaism. Unless one has had decades of traditional Jewish kabbalistic training the esoteric teachings of the Worlds of Chaos will remain a closed book on the other side of a locked door. However, by utilizing new scientific models such as chaos theory and fractal geometry, which will be introduced in this course to the uninitiated, anyone can now get a glimpse into this mind-boggling and infinite Grand Canyon of creation.


How to Think Like a Rabbi
How to Pray Like a Prophet
and now...
How to Rectify Yourself Like a Tzadik

Spiritual and Moral Character Rectification according to the classic ethical-mystical treatise

Palm Tree of Deborah by the tzadik and kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Cordovero.

Palm Tree of Deborah (Tomer Devorah, Book of Judges 4:2) was written in Hebrew in the middle of the 16th century by Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, a master kabbalist in Safed, Israel. It is based upon the Talmudic teaching, "So as He is merciful, so should you be merciful". The Torah exhorts us to perform acts of kindness similar to the ones ascribed to God. Examples are burying the dead (as God buried Moses) and visiting the sick (as God visited Abraham).

This short text deals with the Imitation of God through the acquisition of divine traits, especially by mirroring the Ten Sephirot or divine qualities of God. This treatise is popular among the Orthodox mussar tradition, which focuses on the individual cultivation of psychological as well as spiritual character traits. It is especially studied during the Days of Awe (Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur). We will be using an excellent translation of the text, The Palm Tree of Devorah published by Targum/Feldheim and widely available for purchase.