City of Luz

City of Luz is an inter-dimensional city of higher consciousness that unites all branches of knowledge and fields of experience. Luz is the Biblical site of Jacob’s angelic dream, also known as the House of God and the Gate to Heaven. Luz is an impenetrable city in the ancient land of Israel that can only be entered through a secret cave hidden by a hazelnut (luz) tree. Moreover, we are told that after it was conquered, another city also named Luz was built in another eastern country, a virtual “Shangri-la” where there is no death and only the truth can be spoken. “He built a city and called it Luz; that is its name until this day.” (Judges,1:24).

Luz is also the rabbinic code for the mind of Moses, the body of Metatron and the heart of the Messiah. It is the secret of the brain’s mysterious pineal gland, the “seat of the soul.” Within the essence of Luz lies the secret of transformation and resurrection. An actual place that virtually anyone can be shown how and where to find, Luz is also a map into the secret, higher dimensional world of the Jewish rabbis – the Talmudic sages and the masters of the Kabbalah. Luz is a language of the ancient past, as well as the language of the higher-dimensional future.

Continually evolving, City of Luz website is a spiritual laboratory, the culmination of over 35 years of systematic study of Torah, science and Kabbalah. A coherent and interdisciplinary Torah-based meta-system, it offers the beginner, as well as the advanced talmid chacham (traditional Torah scholar), secular academician and scientific minded, a unique approach to cosmo-geopolitics, higher consciousness and life’s everyday struggles. City of Luz offers an easily mastered arsenal of methodological tools that teach both conscious “left-brain” textual learning and direct “right-brain” spiritual experience.

The secret of Luz provides a seamless interface bridging every field of Talmud, Halacha (Jewish law) and Kabbalah, while allowing the serious practitioner to interface even Torah herself with every school of science, theology and mysticism found among the (archetypal) Seventy Nations of the world, both ancient and contemporary. The system and methodology of Luz is the missing key to open up the virtually indecipherable 200 year old  secret “End Times” teachings of the Gaon of Vilna (Rabbi Eliyahu ben Shlomo Zalman – the Genius of Vilna, Lithuania, 1720-1797).

Within City of Luz you will find essays and blogs in which to participate, as well as MP3’s of class recordings and books for purchase. Take a look at the Testimonials and feel free to add your own. City of Luz is intended to challenge the mind and elevate the soul.  City of Luz – and the books associated with it – are a tool-kit to help prepare us now for the impending leap into the next stage of human consciousness – the Messianic Era. City of Luz is the ultimate hands-on and intellectuality rigorous discipline for Jews, Noahides and all non-Jews of our generation, the Final Generation, as we have long been known by the ancient Talmudic Sage-Mystics.