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4th in the series of Torah, Kabbalah and Consciousness

 Beyond Kabbalah 
The Teachings That Cannot Be Taught
Preparing for the Messianic Era and Beyond

An introduction, orientation & illustrated training manual to higher consciousness using the universal, ancient Kabbalah language of the future.

Beyond Kabbalah - The Teachings That Cannot Be Taught, the latest book by Rabbi Joel David Bakst, is a methodological workbook for both the beginner and advanced student of Torah based Kabbalah. Designed for a universal audience interested in esoteric Judaism, this manual provides the serious seeker with instructions on how to retrain your mind to think and experience higher consciousness like a Kabbalist. Topics include discussion on the messianic role of the earthly "Seven Wisdoms" and how to utilize the "New Sciences" such as fractal geometry, dimensionality and holography to enter the inner world of advanced Kabbalah.  Also included is a comprehensive exploration of the Dance of the Hasadim and Gevurot; the masculine and feminine energies that make up the core nucleus of Torah based Kabbalah.

Beyond Kabbalah challenges all-level students of Jewish mysticism to set sail on a cutting edge voyage into the ancient, yet futuristic wisdom of the Kabbalah and a world filled with higher dimensional vision, deep spiritual experience and thought experiments that will forever change your life.

Beyond Kabbalah


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8 1/2 x 11 inches; 430 pages
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The Jerusalem Stone of Consciousness

jerusalem stone of consciousness


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6 x 9 inches; 204 pages

The Jerusalem Stone of Consciousness:
DMT, Kabbalah & the Pineal Gland

There is information coming forth from the cutting edge of the brain and mind sciences about a mysterious little organ in the middle of brain known as the pineal gland and an enigmatic substance produced within every human body called DMT. The light these two phenomena shed upon Judaism's most ancient kabbalistic secret - the Foundation Stone in Jerusalem - is truly revelatory and profoundly timely. This book is an extraordinary journey into the experiential roots of consciousness, both personal and global.

A., Jerusalem

I want to tell you that I have read your book (second volume) over and over (I am in the middle of the third time around), and it is just wonderfully deep, brilliant, and inspiring.

Wishing you כל טוב,
A., Jerusalem

The Secret Doctrine of the Gaon of Vilna Mashiach ben Yoseph & the Messianic Role of Torah, Kabbalah and Science Volume I

secret 1

By Joel Bakst
Including new appendix
Table of Contents, Volume 1
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6 x 9 inches; 286 pages


The Secret Doctrine of the Gaon of Vilna The Josephic Messiah, Leviathan, Metatron & the Sacred Serpent Volume II


By Joel Bakst
Table of Contents, Volume II
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6 x 9 inches; 298 pages



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