The Staff is Mightier than the Sword

(The Pain of the Foundation Stone, Part II)

Moses with Staff pic

“As in the days when you left the land of Egypt
I will show him wonders” (Micah 7-15)

              Transmitted by the prophet Micah this verse, as is the case with every verse in the Torah, is a formula. We are being informed that all the events that are occurring and will occur throughout the process of the final redemption are but inter-dimensional space-time fractals iterating through time.  We are presently in the Era of the Josephic Messiah—the edge of our present reality, the cusp of creation. As the redeemer, Moses our Teacher was then in the aspect of the Josephic Messiah, it is the very same iterating elements of the Josephic Messiah that are operative now.

What is now occurring geopolitically—and specifically to the Land and People of Israel—must replicate the essence of the events that took place at the time of the original Exodus from Egypt (yet still with their own unique nuances). The miraculous wonders—the interfacing of higher and lower dimensionality—that were at the spiritual roots of the Exodus from Egypt must, by definition, manifest again now in the Final Generation. Moreover, the final redemption is a collective macrocosm encompassing the particular microcosmic prototype of the first redemption. What took place between the ancient power of Egypt and the nascent Jewish Nation is now reoccurring between the powers of the global Egypt of our current prolapsed lower-dimensional reality. It is the original Adam who, as known, is Moshe, who is Mashiach (who is the Metatron). Together with the redeemed Nation of Israel, the entirety of the holy fractal-sparks embedded within the world’s Seventy Nations will also be redeemed. Regardless of how many and what type of “cells” there are in the higher-dimensional “body”, there is only one Adam that encompasses and unifies all reality.

The multi-layered soul-dimensions of Moses are literally the Man—the Adam—of the Hour. Our verse-formula states that “I will show him wonders”. Why “him”? Should not the wonders be show to “them”? That these wonders will occur in plain sight and sound to “them”—the Jewish people—is a given. Rather, in addition we are being told that these replicating events will also specifically occur to “him”, i.e. Moses who is Adam who is Mashiach (who is the Metatron). It is crucial for us to realize that, as known, Moses never acted alone. He always had his staff with him. Every event—from the Burning Bush to the confrontation with Pharaoh to the Ten Plagues to the Splitting of the Sea to the Hitting of the Rock—were performed by Moses though the agency of the staff.

Mateh Moshe—the Staff of Moses—was far from being only a hand-held, symbolic artifact. Rather, it is the key to the entire cosmic story—then and now. No staff, no wonders, no redemption. The Kabbalah (particularly the Zohar and the School of the Gaon of Vilna) informs us that the Staff of Moses was, in fact, an implement that acted as the cosmic interface channeling higher-dimensionality into our lower-dimension. Moreover, the staff was, in effect, the cerebral-spinal, neural-hormonal network of Moses himself externalized on the outside (Moses, in turn, is externalizing the Divine Itself). The Staff of Moses incarnated, i.e. is a merkavah, for the letter vav of HaShem’s name-formula YHVH. The staff iterates the sefirotic circuity from yesod to da’at. The staff is the Tree of Knowledge rooted in the Tree of Life. It is the central column channeling through the middle of the Torah Torus and the staff is the primordial Ray of Light piercing into the proto-space-time vacuum of the tzimtzum. The Staff is also the sod of the “spine of Metatron”. It was this staff that orchestrated the events of the Exodus from beginning to end. The same is true for us now.

Rock’s Greatest Hit of All Time

              Mateh Moshe holds the key to ushering in messianic consciousness and the Messianic Era. It is imperative that Moses, aka the Mashiach, has his staff to direct and trigger the evolutionary “jump” into the next stage of global consciousness—the Messianic Era and beyond. More specifically, just “As in the days when you left the land of Egypt” it was the Mateh Moshe that hit the rock in the desert to release the living waters, Mateh Moshe must again hit the rock. That rock is now the Even Shetiya—the Foundation Stone held in captivity under the Dome of the Rock. It is beseeching us to crack it open so its healing waters can also begin to flow out to the world.

We know where the Rock is but where is the Staff? Astoundingly, the answer is literally at hand: we are the holders of the Staff. The events of the original redemption were primarily manifested through individuals—Moses, Miriam, Aaron, Pharaoh and the Egyptian cavalry. Now, many of the same events are iterating through the collective. Each one of us together have the collective ability to work for the universal Moses/Mashiach. We can all become members of the staff in service to our leader, our true and ultimate superhero: Moses/Mashiach/Metatron. General Moses only need induct us into God’s army. Now, how do we sign up?

For those initiated into P2P, the lost City of Luz and the secret of “squeezing” the Rock, here is the simple answer: acquire a staff. It should be made of wood and can be of any length or color. Keep it at hand and on a regular basis simply hit a rock, any rock with specific intent. The rock can be any size or shape. It can be separate or attached to the side of a hill. Although all rocks, stones and gems have their individual and unique vibrations, every member of the mineral kingdom is interconnected one with the other. Striking one rock, in effect, strikes all rocks and all rocks and stones lead to the Rock of all Rocks—the Foundation Stone.  I should have in me the reality that my staff is a living microcosmic fractal of the Staff of Moses. Likewise, I should have in me the reality that my rock is a living microcosmic fractal of the Foundation Rock. Although my staff is only a singular staff, the collective whole of all our staffs is greater than the sum of the individual staffs. This intention—hitting a (Foundation) Stone with a Staff (of Moses) can be done anytime and in any place. We will also set up specific times, so that wherever we may be on the planet, our staffs will hit the Rock all together at once. (The Torah version of “Horton Hears a Who” will be “Mashiach Hears a Crack in the Rock”).

Israel—and Jews worldwide—are in a state of extreme grief, fear, terror, pain and righteous anger. With few friends in the world, we are being attacked worldwide. Our cries and tears are those of the Josephic Messiah, the collective Soul of Israel. Remember, the name of the game is the Foundation Stone. The entire Arab/Muslim—Israeli/Jewish intractable matzav is about who has control of the Temple Mount, i.e. who controls the Foundation Stone. Everything else is a technicality. “Through the Foundation Stone all prayers descend from above and ascend from below”. Now, as never before—our pain is its pain, the pain of the Josephic Messiah, the pain of Klal Yisrael and the pain of the Foundation Stone. King David wrote, “The stone that the builders have rejected has become the Foundational Stone”. But now we, the builders, know the truth of that stone and that stone urgently needs the impact of the full thrust of its corresponding Staff. And now in a time of war—certainly for those of us who are not fighting on the front lines—the Staff is mightier than the sword.

“As in the days when you left the land of Egypt I will show him wonders”. We can now be part of the wonders and show him—Moses, Mashiach and Metatron—that we can do this. It is time now for all of us, in concert, to witness the Rock’s greatest “hit” of all time.


  1. Also, I wanted to share that I red in this link about city of Luz:
    that in Zohar the Luz bone is called “בתואל הרמאי”
    “Betuel Ha Ramai ” . I don’t know why is it so, but name “Betuel” to whom Yakov is going is close to “Beit El” , the name Yakov Avinu gave to the city of Luz.
    And also the difference between Betuel and Beit El is Vav instead of Yud , like Penuel and Peniel , not to speak that it is actually the same letters except of Bet and Pei (Betuel, Penuel) . Also i want to mention that Luz in Hebrew is Shaked (Almond tree) and some glands in Hebrew calls “Shkedim”, almonds!

    • I reference Betuel Rama’ah in a note in my book the Jerusalem Stone of Conscioiusness. The Gra is his commentary of the Zohar explains this enigmatic term for the Luz bone, as well as the connection between Betuel and Beit El. Your observation about the vav and yud is good.I have discussed the vav and yud switch in Peniel and Penuel in past classes. I aslo write about luz being almond or hazelnut in my book.

      • Thank you ! I got your books and started to read them . I think it’s the best books in my life , especially the book about Kol haTor. So many thanks about your Work!!

        • B”H. Thank you for the feedback.

  2. The guide in Kotel Tunnels in Jerusalem told us that
    the right way is to say “Even HaShtaya ” (something to build on ) and not “Even HaStiya” . Most of the people say the last way, but he said it isn’t right. Don’t know.
    About hitting the Rock I understand that it is a hard question, but I feel a stones/Rocks like my friends, intelligent, willing to help, wise etc and communicating !! That ‘s why I would better understand to speak to them and treat them with respect..

    • Thank you for your comment. “Hitting” the Rock is simply an expression to stimulate and “wake up” the dormant energy and soul of the Foundation Stone. You can also understand “hitting” as “massaging” and even “uniting” with the inner soul of the Rock.

  3. The revolving torus and redistribution of gevurot are very very important. The model for this in brain science is neuroplasticity. Thank you for mentioning this.

  4. Why to hit the rock? HaShem said to Moses to speak to sela and not to hit it!!

    • “This is one of the greatest mysteries of the Torah” (Ramban) and it can not be expalined here. I have, however, shared a small fractal of the sod in past classes (available as mp3 downloads).

  5. I asked couple of Rabbis why in this pasuk where mentioned Peniel also mentioned Panuel .Why it is different names for the same place? Another question -why to hit the rock where HaShem told to Moshe Rabeinu to speak to the sela(rock) and not to hit it! Thanks.

    • I have explained this in past classes (eg, on the weekly parasha regarding that verse). There is no explantion I have found, other than both names are “kadosh” and the scribe must have the same kavanah as when writting any name of HaShem (Haychal haBracha). However, based upon all the da’at data in my book about the pineal gland, it appears that “Peniel” is alluding to the Luz light,etc at the base of the head – the “yud” whereas “Penuel” is alluding to the Luz light, etc at the base of the spine the “vav”.

      • Thank you for your explanation !

  6. Sci-fi, Horror, and Fantasy are essential to understand the courses here. There is another kind of modern prophecy: Hebrew poetry. Uri Zvi Greenberg & Beha’alotkha is the title of the article.

    “I dreamt one night…. I saw the Temple Mount, above it an eagle, and around it circles and circles of Jews, and from the Mount a slope inclined straight to the sea. On either side were lines of soldiers from all the world’s armies. In the dream, I felt that the Divine Presence was leaving the Mount. I woke up weeping. My cries woke everyone in the house. They asked, ‘What happened, what happened?’ That morning, I went to Chief Rabbi Kook and found him wrapped in his prayer shawl. I told him the dream. He did not say a word, just took my hand in his and wept. I went home and wrote ‘I’ll Tell it to a Child’.”

  7. Will concrete do? Or does it have to be a rock not cut (or aggregated) by human hands?

    • I’m within walking distance of forest, by the way.

      • “Forest” – ya’ar in Hebrew is gematria of Sandalphon, the fem-gevurot aspect of Metatron.

    • Yes, any type of “rock” substance will do. Remember, it is only a “simulation” and external projection for what you do with it in your head within your pineal/Peniel.

  8. より:Thanks very a lot for this flawless post;this is the words that keeps me on track via out the day. I’ve been looknig around to your web site after I heard about them from a buddy and was thrilled once I was capable of finding it after looknig for lengthy time. Being a avid blogger, I’m glad to see others taking initivative and contributing to the community. Simply wished to comment to indicate my appreciation to your web site as it is very challenging to do, and many writers don’t get credit they deserve. I’m positive I’ll visit once more and will spread the phrase to my friends.

    • Thank you for your observations and response. All roads lead to Peniel – The Face of God.

  9. One more thought about the staff and the sword, it is seems like a better and better idea from the news to carry Moshe’s Mateh around
    with you and hope it is mightier than the sword. We must pray
    like our lives depend on it, which is true.

  10. Our Staff and the Hits for Israel

    My following proposal is not something to do instead of
    Rabbi Joel’s brilliant and exquisite teachings of the
    Mateh Moshe and the Foundation Stone. I hope that my
    idea adds another connection and stimulation to the
    Land of Israel and the safety of the Jews everywhere.

    I see the staff of Moshe is the men and the women of the IDF, our very brave and selfless soldiers. They are the ones who
    are literally “hitting” the rocks, but these now are the rocks and concrete
    Buildings in Aza in order to destroy all of our enemies who although wearing guises of many forms are still the same enemy of the Jewish people. We still see Moshe in another round with the Primordial
    Serpent in the Middle East and again our enemies are receiving the
    Hits as the Egyptians once did. The IDF is fighting for their lives
    and ours as well.
    In the morning davening I take on more prayers in the honor of
    the soldiers. I visualize a 2 soldiers I know in the army directly and
    pray for their strength. I visualize them hitting their targets.
    We are angry that our enemies won’t leave us alone and the great loss we are enduring. Every operation costs so many beautiful lives!
    If it helps, goggle “The Lone Soldier” program and give directly
    to the very brave lone soldiers. Give Tzedacha to the Magen Adom for the blood and medical supplies, or to any direct cause here in Israel. This is to connect you further with Land of Israel and to
    increase the powers of your prayers.

    May We all Merit to See Our World in Our Lifetime!

    Shalom from the Beautiful Land of Israel

    • I was interested to hear Rabbi Bakst talk about video games, simulation, and stimulation. The purpose of a video game is to provide stimulation to the player, who provides ‘input’ to the game engine. This creates a feedback loop of stimulation and ‘input’ feeding back into the simulation.

      The degree to which a game convinces the player that the game is real is called ‘immersiveness’.

      A well-made immersive game is able to completely convince the player that the game world is real and that the player’s actions matter. I’ve played dozens of such games.

      In the computer programming languages, a recursive function contains a function call which calls the function itself, but with slightly different parameters.

      This may be a useful model for Malchut, along with fractal self-similarity.

      • Thank you for the terminology update. The continual coining of these new terms and way of thinking is, in and of itself, part of the messianic process as we get closer and closer to the messianic consciousness of the Adamic Mashiach.

  11. This truly resonated with me also. I live by a mini rock sandstone canyon – the water has carved into the endlessly fractaled layers or rock – at any rate, I can strike the rock with a stick (staff) and the whole thing resonates. I’m in! Bob L

    • Wonderful. Let us all hit our rocks with the deepest inner directed intention possible!

  12. I too have visually imprinted the Even HaShtiya; and have also placed it as a desktop background on my computer. In my mind’s eye I have been actualizing the hitting of the rock, but now I will look for a wooden staff.

  13. This idea profoundly resonated with me. I am already ‘imagining’ the Even Shetiya on a regular basis. But this idea of a staff makes it that much more tangible.

    I have such a staff that I found along a creek back in the 1990’s. I have used it for a hiking stick many times.

    I just got it out and did just as you suggest.

    This reminds me of the things that HaShem told His prophets to do, specific actions that may have seemed ‘crazy’ even to them, but they obeyed.

    There is so much Tohu now in the world, that NOT to do this would be the crazy thing.

    I am with you. Let me know if there is a coordinated time. I very much want to join the effort.

    • Yes, I agree with you 100% – “that NOT to do this would be a crazy thing”. The Torah based Kabbalah logic is undeniable. Some Christians may “knock on wood”, but we will “knock on the Rock”! As soon as we get enough “staffers” we will set a time(s) for the “Rock” concert.

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