Messianic consciousness is ultimately about atzilutly no-thing.


  1. Here are some new No-things suggested:

    No-thing has value.
    No-thing’s impossible.
    Like No-thing on earth.
    Next to No-thing.
    Stop At No-thing.
    No-thing lasts forever.

    • In the movie “The Neverending Story” They are terrified by “The Nothing” which is this force that is swallowing up everything in the universe.

      • Yes, but the “Nothing” in the book (and movie) is the backside/klipah of the true holy Nothing. Or, that nothing is 3D nothing. The nothing I am discussing is 4D Nothing, ie the no-thing-ness of Atzilut.

  2. and no-thing is atzilutly some-thing.

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